About The Heritage of Amritsar

Discover how life was in the days of the Gurus, come walk with me through the inner city streets which surround the GOLDEN TEMPLE and marvel at the amazing heritage buildings as I share my knowledge with you.

About Heritage of Amritsar

Amritsar was established as a small village by the 4th sikh guru in the middle of 16th century and Guru invited people from different professions, religions, tribes and alloted them land and got them settled here. Amritsar is situated in the middle of river RAVI and BEAS. By the passage of time, amritsar turned into a city and after lahore it was second most important town in whole of Punjab. Although, it is a vetican city of the sikhs but yet 60% population of the city is of Non Sikhs. Apart from the Sikhs, there are Hindus, Jains, Budhistsm, Chritians, Parsis and Muslims are living here and that is the beauty of the city called "Amritsar" also known as "Guru ki Nagri"

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