Amritsar Wagah Border Tour

We offer Amritsar Wagah Border Tour"

You will be picked from the hotel and will proceed to Wagah border which is situated at the distance of 30 km from Amritsar, on the way you see historic building of Khalsa college built in 1892 , the building is a indo ceramic design of architecture it was designed by renowned architect Bhai Ram Singh, it’s designed is based on Sikh school of architecture, from here you proceed to Attari Railway station it is last Indian Railway station or you can say First Indian railways station which was established by the British in 1858 it was on the Multan-Lahore-Amritsar rail line, from here you proceed to Wagah border to view the retreat ceremony, which takes place every day,

The starting time of the parade is as per the seasonal change, In summer it starts tentatively at 5.30PM, & In Winter at 4:30PM and you need to be there 1 Hour before starting of the ceremony. It is half an hour ceremony you can feel the patriotic warmness of the people from both side, it is ceremony which is well choreographed and performed by Indian and Pakistani soldiers, it was started by BSF(Border Security Force) and Pakistani rangers in 1966, although at the beginning it was not as attractive as it is today, now a days it is one of the best spectacular event happens in south east Asia on the border of two countries which not having very cordial relations, the beauty of the ceremony is that it happens even during the rain and hot summer season.

Keeping in mind the large number of visitor Indian Govt. has made a big stadium where you can view it, there is a provision for VIP sitting for that you need to contact the BSF, the people with foreign passport can sit in the gallery which meant for VIPs and foreigners after showing their passports.

Apart from seeing the parade, you can eat, drink and enjoy music at newly built restaurant Shahi Quila, the building is based on Punjab Royal Architecture

To maintain the safety and security The BSF people do not allow any type of bags, battery or charges and eatables in side stadium but you can carry mobile phone and camera, photography is allowed at the venue of the ceremony, water and some other eatable stuff is available at the ceremony venue, during the parade there are some slogan are raised like HINDUSTAN ZINDABAAD, It means LONG LIVE INDIA, same type of slogans are raised in Pakistani side too, sometimes it seems that there is a competition of raising slogans, the parade is a hope of peace and good relations in both countries.

Let’s go and make a tour to Wagah Border which will fills you with energy and excitement, you may feel some level of patriotism

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