British Architecture Tour by Eco Rickshaw in Amritsar

Discover Punjab offers British Architecture Tour by Eco Rickshaw in amritsar

British Architecure

British Architecture Tour by Eco Rickshaw in Amritsar

British arrived in Amritsar in 1849 and till 1947 they remained here, many british families lived in civil line area of the city, actually civil line area was developed by the british for their own residences, many building are there of British era

DC Office Building

This Building is in the courts of Amritsar from it was built in 1870s by the british and DC of Amritsar administered from here, Names of the DCs are mentioned on the board in the office from 1849 to till date


This is another British architecture in the city, it was built in 1925

Anglican Church

This is fine and other fine example of masonry work of British era, it was founed in 1859 , still it is a functional Church, on every Sunday many Christian attend the prayer

Victoria Hospital/ Amritsar Haat

Now it is Amritsar Haat but previously it was a Victorian Hospital, built by the British in 1900. In these day Govt of Punjab has restored this building and named Amritsar Haat

Catholic Church Ram bagh

Again a Church Building from British era, stands inn a very busy market area of Amritsar, it is functional Church, and worth visiting.

Town Hall

This is a majestic building of British era, it was built in 1870 by the British and made Town hall from here British administer the city, now this building has been restored and in one part of the building partition museum has been developed which is worth Visiting.

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