Old Hindu Temple Walk in Amritsar

Discover Punjab offers Hindu Temple walk in amritsar

Old Hindu Temple Walk in Amritsar

Mata Launga wali

Walk starts from Mata Longa wali this temple is dedicated to Goddes Durga every day somany devotees visit this temple and seek blessing of the Goddess, Navrata Hindu festival is big fair here.

Shivala Veer Bhan

This is a temple dedicated to lord shiva, it was built during the time of Maha Raja Raniit singh by his Courtier Veer Bhan, this temple has been built on a erected plate form and beautiful frescos can be seen in side the temple, every day shiv Bhagats Visit this temple, a worth visiting Hindu temple in the city

Mata Mandir near Jallianwala Bagh

This is an other hindu temple which was built in 18th centuray devoted to Different Gods and Godesses

Shivala Neevan Bazaar

This is another temple of 18th century and main dome is closed and still it can be seen from the outside and there is Shivling also which is being worshiped every day.

Krishna Mandir in Bazaar Ahluwalia

This Mander is dedicated to Lord Krshina an old temple still some frescos can be seen there,

Thakurdwara Dariana mal

This is finest architectural and artistic building in the deep down in the city, this was built by rich man who served in the court of Maharaja Ranit singh, he got built this temple and also he got built a sarei, INN for visitor in this building

Mandir Mata Foola devi

This temple is very old, it is said that it was constructed on the instruction of Maha raja Ranjit singh, worth to visit this place

Shani Mandir

An other architectural marvel in the old town of Amritsar, walk end here,

There is an other Hindu Temple near Amritsar which has a great Historical Importance, It is called Ram Tirath where Hindu Granth Ramayan was written first time by Saint Valmiki, to see this temple car is required, it is 8km from the city

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